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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 10, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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> reporter: in the end for theresa's family and friends justice may have been delaye but it was not denied. that's all for now. i'm chris hansen. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for joining us. good morning on "early today," stunned and saddened. the shooting rampage in tucson, rizona that sent shock waves across the nation. congresswom gabrielle giffords' life for her life as the natio mourns te six victims killed and trs to make sens about the tragedy. there new information about the gunman andthe 911 tape that aptured the horror in the mascre. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning to you. i'm veronica day la kroouds. we begin with thetragedy in
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tucs tucson. briel giffords isstill in intensive care. the suspectn the attack isue to make a court appearance tay. nbc's jake ray h the latest. it's now more than 24 hors after the deadly attack. newly released 911 cal prode more evidence of e panic and pain. >>nd there are other people that are injure? >> other ople, multiple pele shot. >> kay. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: so manysay, an assassination attempt and the viont rage that flowed isn't supposed to happen here or anywhere in this country, but now, so many are dealing with the reality that it di >>'m just here t try to make some sense ofthis. >> reporter: the reality of loss --. >> it's hard to bear losing him. but -- >> reporter: the reality o suffering. >>we're still, still in critical condition.
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>> reporter: and the reality that a feral judge, friends, neighbors, even a year-old girl won be coming home. >> i just knew i my heart it feels something bad, someing really, really bad. they told me they tried their best to save her, but they coun't. and that she s passed away. >> reporter: and there is the ality of 14 others who were injured, the st severe, the tart of the attack, congresswoman gabrielle giffords who doctors say has responded simple commands but warned thing about herondition is simple eas >> brain swelli at any time can take a turn for the worst, but i'm cautiousl optimistic. >> reporter: investigators have the man responsible for all of this. 22-year-oldared lee louger is charged with murder, attempted murder, and attemptling to murder a member congress. they found add letter in a safe with t words -- i planned
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ahead, my assassination. t name giffords andhat appears to be his signature. the thorities are located and cleared the personof interest in this case. >>here's no information at this time to suggest any specific threat remains. >> reporte instead, what remaiow is the deep sense of loss and mourning. jay gray, nbc news, tucson. saturday's tragic attack has put a spotlig on the divided political rhetoric. washington are united in mourning the colleague. tracy, good morning you. >> reporter: capitol hill mourni today. when weegin in a few hour you'll be able to see the flag flying at half staff. here at the capitol and around the country at theequest of president obama in honor of congresswon is giffor and
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the victims, those who died and those struggling for life in arizona. later this morning, the president asd the nation to observe a moment of silence at 1:00 a.m. in honor of all o the vicms. in fact, he put off his o trip to neyork tomorrow saying that this is the time for us to come toether as a nation in prayer or in reflection. he on capol hill, congress wi be back in session tomrow. but they put off any business o vote until next ek, inclung that controversial repeal health reform that will not happen on wednesday. members may b getting security briefings here if they return. and some have rsed questions about whether or not ere needs to be more security atublic evnts like what we saw in as alz. veronica? >> tracy potts in washington. thank you. a ok at other stories making news early today in america in georgia, residents are pnded by a wintry blast, which forecasters say cou bring up to six feet of snow bringi
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sleet and eezing rain that couldast to tuesday. sonny pure has raise add ste of emergency. poor weather conditions costs thousands of flight cancellations. folks in mississippi a not fari any beer. in the northern county of grenada, they'rexpected to get 4 to 6 inches of snow, significantly more than the .9 inches the community averag all winte 75,000 ctomers could lose pow across the state. with one owplow in the county, it could take a while to clear the roa oncehe stormpasses. > and in california, there was perfect weather for the 3th annual fungus fair faioers and fungus fans got to learn aut the different species of mushrooms and fungus. more importantly, they got to tasttest delicious samples of the earthy treats. and now for a look at your
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national and regional weather, here's bill karins with the wether channel forecast. i he it was the white truffle we're looking at. >> i ve portabella mushrooms in anything. >> i like the truffle. >> spoil yourself. you're above me. when you ask people in georgia to stay off of the roads until tuesday, you know you're dealing with a significant weather event, inches of snow in atlanta. three on the ground already. snow spreading through much of tennessee, denver, kansas city. now omaha ba here to iowa. a lot of winter weather. a blue line is the freeze line. you notice thatven areas around charleston could get some sleet is morning. snowhat's beginning to spread all of the upstate of south carolina. charlotte in f a snowy morning commute. the worst of it overnht was re in atlanta and northern portions of alabama. tennessee chattanooga in the moub takes isn't an easy drive.
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the storm will me up the east coast. weaken tod and tomorrow. en redevelop to a full fledged nor'easter. southern new england could pick up eigh to 12 ihes at this time. that's new york city t boston. that could be a blockbuster event. that's tuesday to wednesday. this morng, atlanta here to the carolinas we're going to be watching. the pinpoint of the heavy snowfall makes to new gland. that's a look at the forecast on this onday. here's a lok at the weather outside of your window. nahville, tennessee, ear snow for you. at will lighten up and clear ut as you go throughout the day. temperatures are cold too. it's not snowing where you are. the windshields are brutal. ending early in areasike denver. >> well, we'll take a closer look the snowfall tota when i come back a ttle later. got my snow boots ready, thanks. > big price increase at the gas pump. big business in cupcakes. your early morning business
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headlineare straight ahead. >> the kardashian empire gets smacked wit a $75 million lawsuit. ravens are flying high. the eagles are permanently grounded. and they put a dl on the table for rmelo anthony. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. well -- welcome ba to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz. here are your headlin. the man accused of trying to kil gabrielle giffos and kilng six others is expted to make an appearance in the courtroom tay. doctors say they're cautiously optimistic about h chances. washington is criticizing israel over the decision to make a landmark hotel to make way f a new wish housing project. a disturbingdevelopment
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underminesfforts to stall peace talk for the palestinians. milons of sudanese have started ading to the polls for week-long ferendumxpected to split the troubled afrian nation in two part s -- the norh from the south in the lucrative oil. a peace deal made a deal beeen the muslim north and christian south. the library of congress has begun taking possession of 200,000 original recordings datin from the mid 50s to the lae '40s. coains music fr every major genre in th era, jazz, blues, country, and pop. > now a look at how wall street will kick off today. the dow opens at 11,6 after falling points friday. the s&p dipped two points and the nasdaq los six. taking a look at overseas tradg this morning in tokyo.
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the nikkei waslosed for a holiday. but in hg kong, the hang seng dropped 159 points. after friday's less than impressive cember jobs report failed to fill the recent rally, fourth quarter earnings season kic off today. a little maker alcoa will lead thpack after the bell. also ahead this week, intel and j.p. moan chase will weigh in with their quarrly reports. get updated inflation data from consumer androducer price reports and the government releases s take on last month's tail sales. erseas this morning, china repord a trade surpl narrowed sharply december. tt news could take the edge off of currency talks scheduled between china and the us. later this month. oil prices rallied near $90 a barrel this morning after a leak shut down the transamerican pipeline yesterday. that leak could lea to higher
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prices at the pump, up ni cents in t past three weeks to an average $3.08 gallon. verizonit the stage for a big announcement on tuesday. and the big to-do is to unveil the long-awaite version of apple's iphon the first round of deal news could be the spot in trading danish food maker in a deal wort $6 billion. >> oh and a group of private equity firms areeportedly interested in buying out sara lee, deal worth $11 billion. and finally,he nation's cup cake craze is her to stay. "the new york times" deal bk reports that crumbs bakehop is about to go public thanks to a $6million merger expecd to be announced today. well, the ockbuster trade. this ois practicallynuclear. and nfl plaff action,
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green bay looking to se the eaglespacking. your morning adlines are ahead. a major winter storm is paraling travel in the southeast and it's goingto head the east coast. the forecast is next. you're watching "earlyoday."
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>>well, good morning. if you're just waking up, this
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is "early today." insports, the nfl wild card playoff weekend ended appropriately enough for the wild down the wire thriller in philadelphia. here's maan solis with a look at all of your sports headlines. good morni, the sport of the year in the nfl has been e resurgence of mchael vick. but theairy tale season has come to an end, anks to aaron rodge and the packers. packers on to 14-10. looking fo more. they find it. aaron rodgers to brandon jackson. jacksondoes the rest. third td pss for rodgers. eagles answer in the fourth. vick calls his own number and takes i in from one yd out. they would miss the two-point conversion and trail 21-16. packers can put it away, giving the eagles a chan in the final minute. but picked off in the end zone. the packers write their own storybookending. they win 20-16. to the afc, chiefs and ravens,
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jamal charles put kans city on e board with a 41-yard touchdown. arrowhead stadium rocking th chiefs up. the cheersurn to jeers. ravens score 21unanswered points. oe flacco thring three touchdowns. this oneo anquan boldin. that was the offense. here is the ravens' trademark defene. they got to matt cassel thr times. theavens got a convincing 30-7 win in k.c. by the time you sit dn to dinner, carmelo anthy could be a new jersey net. they're closeo landing a three-time all-star. the trade would involve 15 players and three teams if it goes through mellow would like to be trad to play against t laks. the huge dunk. the lakers up five at the half. kobe bryant knows a thing orwo about dunking. with the alley andtheoop.
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that's a lookt sports on "early today." i'm mark lis. >> "early today sports" is brought to you by lectric shave. big numbers for "snl," tiny numbers at the box office. plus, at first glance, these subway riders in the nation's capital may look normal but they're anything but. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. a look at so of the snowfall predictions. some of the big selected cities. 2 to 4 on the ground in atnta. that's where the worst of it is this morning. it's going spread to charlotte. heavy, dficult travel. 4 to 8 inches for the queen city. the storm weakens,t strengthens past dc. dc, 2 to 4. philly, 6 to 10. new york, 8 to 12. but thebull's eye looks like southern new england, bston to prodence. that would be tuesday night to wednesday morng. if you're watching otside of raleigh, north carolina, visit the wild places and animalsf north carolina wout ev stepping outside. see wierness north carolin at the north carolina museum of natural sciences. that's the "early today"vent of the day. >> will they get snowe too, raleig >> a little. but not as muchas chrlotte. >> a little.
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that's a good event. the first week in january is normally qui at the box ffice. but the ticket estimates hold it's the worst since 2000. "true grit" took the top spot with a mere $15 millionecoming the first wester to top the $100 million mark sincehe 1990s. and among the newmers, nicholas cage's "season of the witch" open in third. gwyneth paltrow's coury music drama debuted in fifth spot. and 11 ""saturday night live"" episode the biggest since last y when bettywhite hosted with jay z. kim kardasan and their mother is being sued by the company creating t prepaid debit card. they pulled out of the deal over the card's high fees.
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>> david and victoria beckham announced thiseekend that baby number four is on the way. congratulions to them. speaking of the kardashians and ""saturday night live."" have you seen them mocked on ""saturday ght live."" it's funny. >> i love it. >> this comes to us from new yorcity -- washington, d.c. whre too many showed up for their daily commute. flash mobs braved the eezing temps striing down to their skivvies for the no pants subway ride. regular commuters wre caught off guard. the riders were the odd balls. the ent began in 2002 wth seven people a now an inrnational event involving thousands. this is the first stop of the day, todayn your nbc station.
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d.a. 4:28 is t time. 25 ver cold degrees right here in the naon's capal on this 10th day of january, 2011. good morning to you. i'moe krebs. >> i'm unieun yang.
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>> newly released 911 calls prides more evidence of the panic andpain. >> okay. and there's othereople that are jured. >> the's multiple peoplshot. >>okay. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: so many say an assassination attempand the violent road that followedsn't supposed to hpen here, or anywhere in this country. but now so many a dealing with the reality that it did. >> i'm here to make sense o this. >> reporter: the reali of loss. the realy of sufferin >> we're still, still in condition. >> reporter: the reality that a federal judge, friends, neighbors, and a 9-year-old girl won't be coming home. >> just kw iny heart it was something bad, really, really bad.


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